Lifestyles of the rich and famous

The Cannes Film Festival is host to many celebrities from around the world, but for any yachting enthusiast, this time of the year, and especially this event, is of great significance, as during this time, there are many yachts that are moored here, at the International Yacht Club of Antibes. This dock is also called the Dock of the Billionaires, and is home to a great number of mega yachts that dock here, during the Cannes Film Festival. And since the Monte Carlo Grand Prix is also held at the same time and in the same place, many tycoons from varying fields come together here, and on their yachts, and this creates a spectacular show of what money can buy!

One such behemoth is the Senses, which is a yacht which is 194 feet long. And this yacht is laden with many ‘toys’. Now, toys is a general term which is used in yachting lingo quite a lot, and it can mean that the yacht has anything from a submarine to a Jet Ski! Senses is an exploration yacht, and is equipped accordingly. There are a total of four decks, and that itself truly sets this yacht apart from the rest. Alan Gibbs is the co-owner of this yacht, and he is a renowned inventor and telecommunications tycoon from New Zealand. The Senses costs a staggering $40 million, and if that is not enough to blow your hats off, the fuel tank of this pristine yacht costs $80,000 to fill completely! And Gibbs has taken this behemoth almost everywhere around the world. And according to him, this yacht is the first proper big yacht that has ever visited Tunisia. And he is of the opinion that, even though the yacht will not get him to the moon, it is possibly the best way to travel the world in!