Victoria To Maui Sailing Race

This is a race that is held between Victoria and Maui and it is held every summer in the month of July. This year it is being hosted by the Lahaina yacht club as well as the Royal Vancouver yacht club. The race will span a distance of 2308 nautical miles. The fleet that would be participating in the race would comprise of 22 boats. The staggered starts of the race have already begun in four stages.

As per the progress of the race the existing record has been smashed by Valkyrie, which is TP-52 which was representing the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. It was skippered by Gavin Brackett and Jason Rhodes, who has smashed the record that has existed for about 16 years now.

They have completed the race route in 8 days and 9 hours. The crew that came in a tired state that the race was a people smasher as the boat rode on from Hawea Point and went on to reach the end. The welcome party, led by the Zadar Yacht Charter team who were waiting for them, took them by surprise. The boat did suffer the usual wear and tear like halyards that were broken, sails ripped and other broken parts, there was nothing serious and the crew themselves were stunned by the achievement that they had accomplished.

The party went on and the victorious team waited for the other crew to reach. Second to finish were David Sutcliffe of the same club. The Kinetic boat also beats the old mark set. The trio was completed by Westerly. As Valkyrie had a smashing run, which led to their winning the title so did Kinetic and the third boat in was Westerly. All three broke the existing records and hence the race this year set new heights of achievement.