La Bise greets SSL Lake Grand Slam

Tough racing situations offered a tactical 1st day of racing at Star Sailors League Lake Grand Slam arranged by Cercle de la Voile de Grandson in Switzerland. Clouds emerging above Jura Mountains meant that the arrival of the chill northerly wind, which is known as La Bise, interpreted as ‘the kiss’ that funnels down the valley between the Jura Mountains as well as the Swiss Prealps.
The first 2 races were arranged in a puffy 12-16 knots of breeze, but it was really not a lingering kiss, the last 2 races were battled out in lighter flukier situations that tested the concentration as well as will strength of 68 teams from twenty-two different nations.
There were several general recalls sorted out by Black flag starts as well as big-name offenders included Johannes Polgar & Markus Koy and Torben Grael & Guilherme De Almeida, both were declared to be on grade side in Race 2. The Brazilian pair scored 2 bullets today, and after counting a cast aside, are placed 4th following the very first days of racing.

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Yacht club lease questions still there

All the negotiations would go on the disputatious Red Wing Yacht Club lease along with the city after City Council action Monday night. The board sanctioned a resolution continuing the lease postscript in question, all set to go into effect from 1st May, contingent upon the city as well as club dealing with some pieces further. These include rates, inspections as well as other facets, some of which have already been talked about in ongoing talks.

Again, the yacht club members packed the City Hall for all the talks that followed a followed a closed session where the council members spoke regarding legal issues as well as probable lawsuit if the city does not respect the present lease.

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