Yacht club lease questions still there

All the negotiations would go on the disputatious Red Wing Yacht Club lease along with the city after City Council action Monday night. The board sanctioned a resolution continuing the lease postscript in question, all set to go into effect from 1st May, contingent upon the city as well as club dealing with some pieces further. These include rates, inspections as well as other facets, some of which have already been talked about in ongoing talks.

Again, the yacht club members packed the City Hall for all the talks that followed a followed a closed session where the council members spoke regarding legal issues as well as probable lawsuit if the city does not respect the present lease.

Lisa Bayley, a council member, told that they were very much wanted to resolve this. They really are not interested in going into litigation over something like this. But they are also looking at trying to be fair to the whole city as well as other clubs who have leases. Continue reading “Yacht club lease questions still there”