US Sailing Made Announcement for Fresh Requirements of Multihull Safety Equipment and Monohulls Revisions

The  Safety Equipment Requirements (SER) in US Sailing for monohull sailboats have a guideline, but these guidelines have been changed a bit and fresh guidelines for multihull SERs have been permitted. The fresh guideline will be implemented in the year 2019.

According to the SERs, gears that are required to be used on sailboats during most of the offshore and nearshore sailboat races in the US. All race organizers, boat inspectors, and owners are required to follow this information.  This list of boats and equipment characteristics will serve the requirements of the most races taking place in coastal and offshore in the year 2019.
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Mike Peyton Passes Away

Not many people have delved into the cartooning world of sailing and hence, Mike Peyton was surely a name that stood out in this segment. He was dubbed as the world’s greatest when it came to yachting cartoons. He passed away on January 25th which was five days after he turned 96. He was known as a modest and shy man who stayed away from the spotlight and did not seem affected by the esteem that many held him in as part of the sailing world.

With Mike passing away much comes to light about his life. Being from a mining family of Durham in England, he joined the Army at a young age and that is where his sketching skills were discovered. He spent time in a prisoner of war camps, but has sketched skills remained with him. He was inspired by graphics that were popular in the thirties in British comics.

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Navy Officer Proved Guilty In Yacht-Tanker Collision

In the Solent a navy officer belonging to the royal class was proved guilty who failed to keep a proper lookout and impeded the path of a yacht leading to a collision of his yacht with an oil tanker. The officer named Lt. Roly Wilson who was 32 years old, was skippering a yacht measuring 32 feet smashed his yacht with a 120000 tn oil tanker called Hanne Knutsen when the 2011 Cowes week was going on. He was on trial at the Southampton Magistrate court.

As the tanker navigated the Solent, the officer also flouted the laws that are made by maritime authority and made a cut at his Corby sloop called Atlanta of Chester. He denied the three charges that was stated against him at an earlier hearing. Adrian Wheal was one of the crew members who jumped to the water from the vessel just a moment before the accident took place and the boat being completely devastated, one the crewman was seriously injured. The guilty was captured on camera from the accident footage during the final stage of the Cowes Week event. The footage also was the hit in the internet that year.

Wilson & his crew were all included as the members of the Royal Naval Sailing Association. Mike Shrives, the former RN commander who is was yacht master, examiner and instructor gave an interview to the Yachting Monthly where he said that they all thought that they are taking their last breathe just when the collision was about to take place. One charge was put forward against Wilson of not keeping a proper eye & 2 charges were brought for impeding the path of the 830 feet tanker. But all three charges were denied by the guilty. The prosecutor of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Mr. Peter Handley explained the magistrates that the exact place where the accident occurred is the halfway of the channel.

Mr. Handley also added saying that as because there were contacts between the yacht and the tanker, the yacht went and scraped the port side of the tanker.