US Sailing Made Announcement for Fresh Requirements of Multihull Safety Equipment and Monohulls Revisions

The  Safety Equipment Requirements (SER) in US Sailing for monohull sailboats have a guideline, but these guidelines have been changed a bit and fresh guidelines for multihull SERs have been permitted. The fresh guideline will be implemented in the year 2019.

According to the SERs, gears that are required to be used on sailboats during most of the offshore and nearshore sailboat races in the US. All race organizers, boat inspectors, and owners are required to follow this information.  This list of boats and equipment characteristics will serve the requirements of the most races taking place in coastal and offshore in the year 2019.

The new multihull SERs have been in the development stage for more than two years. The development has been the efforts of some dedicated multihull experts. They are working on this project collectively and approved the design and safety features of final SERs multihull. The monohull of 2019 and multihull SERs of 2019, both have received approval by the Safety at Sea wing of US Sailing and Offshore Committees in the month of February.

In the monohull SERs, only one minor change has been done, while in the multihull SERs many changes have been done and it is all a new one now. By the next year, multihull SERs will be amended probably after it’s been used in events by Organizing Authorities who are welcoming multihulls to participate in their event.

The major differences between The World Sailing’s Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) and US Sailing’s SERs are these:

  • The SERs features have been simplified pre-race inspectors as well as for yacht owners.
  • It is self-contained and does not follow any outside documents.
  • The race category number has been reduced and brought down to three from seven. The categories will be Nearshore, Coastal and Ocean.
  • It is compact and can be included in their entirety on a yacht club website or in a Notice of Race.