25 thoughts on “Ferretti Yachts

  1. I worked for Sea ray boats for the 60″ it cost like 5 grand just to fill
    the baby up..God only knows how much the insurance would cost but if I had
    the money I would buy one like right now…It has a Nav, Big screen tv
    washingmachine in dryer all the works..Dream for a Cool million

  2. To deserve a “boat” like this, you must appreciate that failure is not an
    option, make money into more money by investing in successful businesses,
    realize that vanity is a sin, money is nothing and respect is everything.

  3. No person in this world is so good that they deserve to own such a yacht
    especially those who are rich.

  4. not really, ferretti is sold in euros and it tops 8million euros for the 88
    foot one ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @alfa2389 you take your pick after the purchase, just go flash it out there
    and see how many hoes you collect

  6. yea my name is sarah hall im 12 and my parents just bout a 77 feet neptunus
    yacht i was soo exited

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