Kiwi yacht makes emergency stop in Bluff

A yachtsman from New Zealand is onboard a across the world ocean race boat which has had to make an emergency halt in Bluff. Spirit of Hungary is in the last in the fleet. And, Bluff is approximately halfway in the race and has offered a scope for repairs.

It was really a slow entry into Bluff Harbor for Spirit of Hungary. Sailors were at the sea since New Years Day and they were looking for fresh food. The co-skipper Conrad Colman from New Zealand told that he believes that they were looking for a pizza. A pizza three times the size of our head would be good.

The sixty-footer is participating in Barcelona World Race non-stop across the world from Spain and this docking pushed by the gear breakages. Colman told that Nandor and he have been running up and down the mast in quite tough situations attempting to deal with this trouble. And both of them have been been wounded in the whole process.

The yacht’s builder, designer and owner Nandor Fa required 4 stitches on his head after being flung across at the top of thirty meter mast. Therefore, when he was up on the mast, it was a bit choppy conditions. In fact, higher weaves also came across the boat. Continue reading “Kiwi yacht makes emergency stop in Bluff”