Marion Bermuda Race Entry Open

Marion Bermuda Race has started taking entries for the event and it is getting excellent response from all over the world.

During the first 15 days of opening the entry 30 boats registered themselves for the event. As the days are growing number of entries are increasing. Till date 48 boats have registered themselves in which 18 are a first timer into the race. The number is two more than last year final count. The race for Marion Bermuda will take place in Massachusetts on June 9 2017.

Marion Bermuda Race has taken place since 1977 and since that time it is the premier ocean race of 645-mile. It is one of the events that attract enthusiast of racing and cruising.

The popularity of the race comes from its spirit that is fun and family. The yachts that join this race come here for some fun, sailing, competition and pleasure.

In year 2017 the Marion Bermuda race will start as the America’s cup will end. Therefore, it is expected that event will witness double euphoria then last year.

After the ocean race there is an arrangement made by Marion Bermuda for family and fun. People who want to join can go 16 days of spectating and sailing in Bermuda. It will be only for those who choose to go for vacation after racing.

In the initial days of the early registration entry fee for the race has been kept $950. This is for Skipper and Yacht. The fee will increase after 10 of April 2017; it will go to $1,100 for skipper and yacht. For additional crew member the fee will be extra $50.  Relaxation in entry is given for academy or team coming from the organization. After April 10, 2017, entry fee for them will be $625, presently it is $475. Complete details of the event can be collected from website of the club.