Son And Father Team Up For Raising Fund

To raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis, A STONE, son and father have been taken on the sailing race that is the worlds biggest.

Cliff Goodwin the son and Michael Goodwin the father will join the yacht race Round the Island in the honor of his brother Dan. Dan died after suffering from Cystic Fibrosis disease.

The race will take place on July 1, and it will go around the Isle of Wight coastline.

Talking about the race, Cliff said: “Dan is found of sailing and his love for sailing gets double when he is with me. He used to enjoy sailing with my Dad and his grandfather until his health didn’t allow him to go on the water. We have undertaken this challenge and hoping to raise a good amount of funds for the work of charity. This challenge is going to be hard and there is no possibility of mistake.

“It is a course that is busy course, though not very challenging. Moreover, the challenges do not collide here with others. So, we can go as fast as we can.” Cliff added.

Cliff further added that “We have set the target of raising £1500. And we will accept only the pure money. If people help us together we would be able to defeat this deadly. Our target is £1500, but if we are willing to smash it, then it would be brilliant”.

The fund that will be raised in the course will be denoted to the charity organization that is working in the field. Cystic Fibrosis is one of the deadly diseases that take hundreds of lives every year. Also, the cost for the treatment of this disease is very high. Those who can’t afford to expenses of treatment of this disease, take the help of organizations that work in the field.